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Van Vleck to Lake #3

Desolation Wilderness Hikes

​Twin and Island Lakes

​Spring Skinny Hike

​Pryamid Peak

pacific ranger district

Located in Pollock Pines, CA on the El Dorado National Forest.
Address: 7887 US 50, Pollock Pines, CA. 95726
Phone:  530 - 644 - 2349

Web: www.fs.usda.gov/eldorado

hiking Weather forecast

Click above link For a current Hiking weather report for Crystal Basin and Desolation Wilderness

Crystal Basin hiking

The Crystal Basin hiking trails are for the most part, close to home and easy to plan for the family and or group of your friends. The seemingly unlimited resources and hiking trails will afford hiking opportunities for every skill level of hiking. 

Adventures Outdoor hikes most of the Crystal Basin and Desolation Wilderness hiking trails. We start our spring hiking in the Crystal Basin Ice House, and Loon Lake areas. As weather allows, we then use the Hwy 50 corridor east towards Tahoe for our trail access and desolation wilderness hiking into Lake Sylvia, Twin Lakes, Island Lake, Grouse Lake, Pyramid Peak, Lovers Leap, Horse Tail Falls, Lake of the Woods, Heather Lake, Avalanche Lake, Pyramid Lake, Lake Aloha and more.

hiking the sierra nevada

Hiking conditions in northern California and the weather can change at any time without warning! Be prepared for ANY situation. Hike during the week to avoid large crowds and avoid high impact areas. Leave no trace.

   hiking Tips

  • Know your limits​
  • Proper Planning = FUN HIKE
  • Plan for any Weather at anytime in the Sierras.
  • ​Tell someone where you plan to be and your return.
  • ​Have an Emergency Plan
  • Take a Hiking Partner
  • Add / Subtract layers before you get too hot or too cold.
  • Minimize exposure

   hiking gear list

  • Hiking Boots / Socks
  • ​Outer Shell / Layers
  • Sun Glasses / Hat
  • ​Gaiters - optional
  • Water Filter / Bottle
  • Day Pack
  • ​Map / Compass
  • ​Bug Juice / Sun Screen
  • ​Toiletries
  • ​First Aid
  • Emergency Kit
  • Food / Snacks
  • Camera / Batteries
  • Hiking Poles
  • Xtras - stove, lamp, etc
  • GPS or Phone
  • Hiking Chair

hiking northern California

Hiking northern California and it's wide variety of hiking trails can keep you outdoors in the California wilderness for most of ones lifetime. Northern California is a hikers and backpackers dream, with hundreds of miles of hiking trails, countless serene alpine lakes, and mountain tops for all levels of skill and hiking experience. Check often for our scheduled day hikes in Crystal Basin and Desolation Wilderness.

Lake Aloha, Pyramid Peak, Lake of the Woods, Ropi Lake, Island Lake, Dicks Lake, Mt Tallac, Gilmore Lake, Half Moon Lake, Dicks Peak, Rubicon

Hiking desolation Wilderness

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