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Innova Disc Golf starter set. Comes with a Disc golf driver, mid range disc, and a putter for $29

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   HighBridge Hills

Some of the most famous Disc Golf courses in Minnesota and Wisconsin can be played here, at HighBridge Hills, home of the largest Disc Golf sports complex in the world.

Disc Golf in School

Disc Golf is gaining ground in our schools. From elementary school P.E. to national team play in the College ranks. It's a great sport that you can play  for a lifetime.

Get Outdoors, Play Disc Golf

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Beautification Project

With the efforts of the SF Disc Golf club and others, the club has completed phase 8 of the parks beautification project.

TourLife - 2014


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Disc Golf Gear

Go to the Disc Golf GEAR page and type in "Disc Golf" for our selection of Disc Golf gear, or by using name such as Innova, Grip, DGA, golf bags, etc.​

Staying Fit with Disc Golf

What is disc golf?

To put it simply, Disc Golf is Ball golf without the ball, the hole in the ground, and the golf clubs. The ball becomes a frisbee, specially designed for long flights. The hole becomes a basket with hanging chains that is meant to "catch" the disc. The golf clubs are then replaced by your arms, hands, hips, and legs. Finally, the yardage typically becomes feet, with some longer holes eclipsing the one thousand foot mark. Best of all the fee to play at most parks is ZERO, except in the state parks where the day parking fee applies and some pay to play ball golf / disc golf courses.

You can outfit yourself for a year of Disc Golf for less than the cost of one day of ball Golf. Discs range from $7 - $20 each, and can be rented at some parks.

who is playing disc golf

Everyone and Anyone. Disc Golfers come from every walk of life and any age. Anyone can play Disc Golf. Read more on Disc Golf rules and game play.

learn to play disc golf

Disc Golf lessons and tips from todays' top touring professional Disc Golfers like Will Schusterick, Ken Climo, Steve Rico, Paul McBeth, Nate Doss, and others. We will post  some of the best Disc Golf videos on the web for your learning and enjoyment on the Adventures Outdoor video page. If at anytime you see a video of your own and you wish it to be removed email us here -

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