Disc Golf videos - Will Schusterick: Driving instruction, technique disc golf video that will have you throwing drives with more speed and distance!
Disc Golf video - Discraft Disc Golf Clinic:  Putting Basics

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Disc Golf video - Ken Climo:  In My Bag, now this is a guy to listen to with 13 Disc Golf world Champion titles to his credit, look into his bag of pro tricks!

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disc golf videos - a walk in golden gate park

Our latest disc golf video from Adventures Outdoor. A few clips and images from our Disc Golf day drip into San Francisco and Golden Gate Park disc golf course. The main focus of this disc golf video, however, is the beautification project done by Patrick Brown and the San Francisco Disc Golf Club. As you will see in the video, the grounds are immaculate, clean, user friendly, and just a plain joy to walk. Plan a day of disc golf in San Francisco, You will not be disappointed in this clearly marked, easy to follow disc golf course.

disc golf videos

Disc Golf videos, video disc golf lessons, and pro disc golf tips from some of today's top touring professional Disc Golfers, Will Schusterick, Ken Climo, Steve Rico, Paul McBeth, Nate Doss, Avery Jenkins, Patrick Brown, and other disc golfers from around the globe.

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Disc Golf videos:
  • Will Schusterik Disc Golf Driving instruction video
  • 13 time Disc Golf World Champion Ken Climo with "In My Bag"
  • Discraft Disc Golf Clinic with a Disc Golf video of Putting Basics
  • Disc Golf Grip by Discraft
  • Avery Jenkins with the disc golf Side Arm video
  • ​Talking Disc Golf Gear with Nate Doss
  • 2014 Memorial Championship
Disc Golf video - Paul McBeth: Highest rated round, Fountain Hills, AZ