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The Disc Golf rules below are explained simply for the new and beginner Disc Golfers just starting out. You can visit the Pdga website for the complete in depth explanation of disc golf rules and regulations. To learn more about playing disc golf and Disc Golf Rules visit discgolf-adventures.com

Game Play 

The object of Disc golf or Frisbee golf is to get your Discs  to land inside the disc golf basket in the fewest throws possible for each hole of the course. Each hole has a Tee Box for the Drive, and a target, disc golf basket, that the Disc must come to rest inside of, to count as a completed hole. You throw each shot from where the previous throw landed until your disc comes to rest inside the targeted basket for that hole.

Many Disc golf courses are designed through lightly to heavily wooded areas, mountain tops, hill sides, flat grassy parks, and just about anywhere they can fit in a handful of disc golf baskets. Challenge has become the new Norm.

Drive from the Tee

Each hole begins with the player throwing his or her first drive from within the disc golf tee box. All support points must be inside the tee box at the time of release. You may follow through or fall off the tee box after release as long as the disc leaves your hand first.

Establish position, mark your lie

​Position is established once the disc lands or comes to rest "in bounds" and is not subject to any out of bounds penalties. Mark accordingly directly behind your lie unless using a mini to mark your lie, then mark lie at the leading disc edge of your driver.

Holing Out

A hole is considered complete when the player releases the disc and it comes to rest, supported by the chains or inside basket tray.

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disc golf rules

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